PIC Programmer

The pic programmer is driven from the printer port pins of a PC, connected using
a 25 pin male to female cable.
It works with the PIC 16C84, PIC16F84 , PIC16F870,PIC16F870, PIC18F45K20, PIC18F46K20.
Presumably it  will work with many other Pics, but I haven't tried them.
The circuit as jpeg file or as gschem .sch file .
Power is from a mains "plugpack" with an output > 15 volt.
The programmer is connected via a ribbon cable to the card with the pic being programmed.
The power for the device being programmed is taken either from the target system or from the
programmer. A jumper block is in the circuit to set up different supply options.  I no longer
change this , and leave the jumpers in the postions shown.
The software runs on linux. Unfortunately many laptop/notebook PC's no longer have printer
ports, an ethernet version might be worthwhile. I'll post the software after doing a short description
and tidying it up a bit.