Assorted Notes

Occasionally things can be a little hard to find, so I've posted some odd snippets here

1: Linux PC Boot Issues

Some PC's have a few issues with bios and graphics controllers. Most of these are well documented. A few that were not so easily answered are here.

Acer em250

Toshiba A100

Medion P2214T

Asus TP510UF 15.6 inch Flip

Asus TP401MAS 14 inch Flip

Raspberry Pi

2: Low End Single Chip Microcontrollers

2: I have used these without too many issues, and plenty of good information can be found on the net. These notes cover where I found a few road humps.



ESP8266 WiFi

ULN2001,ULN2002,ULN2003 Traps

3: Bits of Equipment with Missing Data

Some gear has insufficient published data. Where I can find things out, and publish without infringing someone's copyright I've put it here

Adixen/Alcatel/Daniels MDP-5011 Molecular Drag Pump

Watkins Johnson WJ-643 YIG Filter

Watkins Johnson WJ-5008 YIG Oscillator

11LO1I,11LO2I- 11ЛО1И, 11ЛО2И CRO Tubes

Repairs to Samsung N150

4: Commissioning Stray Items

Setting up Prusa-Mendel 3d

Printing QR Codes Using Dymo 400 Series

5: Assorted Linux Notes

Running DNSMASQ Concurrently with BIND+NAMED

Python2,3,3.10 Compatibility Issues

Making Live Installation or Rescue USB/DVD/CD

6: Linux Update Hiccups


CourierImap and DH Limit

Wakeup on Lan (WOL)

Printing From Chrome Disabled

7: NBN HFC to Linux

PPPOE Connection to NBN Cable Box with VOIP

8: NC Cutting Files

Making and Viewing DXF Files

9: Email Processing

Splitting Mailbox Files